79 couples have completed the survey! 21 more until I reach my goal... please pass the word on to anyone you know!



Leslie said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I am not sure if I qualify for your survey (more info?). I recently started my infertility blog, and am basically looking to pepper my list of blog friends with people who know a little something about something relevant to all this. I am approaching it from an evolutionary biology perspective (not always seriously, but the slant is there), and I really want to start a discussion with people from different disciplines weighing in on some of the issues we face. If you ever do blog comments (like when you need a break from writing your thesis- I know what that's about, that's the time I went from 'totally unconnected' to 'facebook junkie'), I would be THRILLED to have the input of a psychologist on topics I discuss in my blog from time to time.

MiraclesDHappen said...

you need a follow button on your page. I just found the comment you left on my blog on 1/5/10. I can definately fill out your survey but there is one thing....we aren't married...so if that isn't a factor let me know

MiraclesDHappen said...

never mind just found the rest of comment....count me out :) have a good day :)